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Purchasing PLA quarterly party tickets [Events]

- You can purchase as many full price tickets during the morning event as you wish.
- You can only buy PLA priced tickets for yourself or a PLA member who is present with you. This is to protect our members? personal information. This includes spouses, partners, etc.
- PLA members cannot purchase tickets for non-PLA members at the party, ALL non-PLA member tickets MUST be purchased before the event.
- Members of reciprocal organizations must have their membership card at time of ticket purchase and must follow all rules as if they were PLA members.

If you have questions or concerns please contact

Why so many rules about buying tickets?
The reason we don?t allow non-members to buy tickets at the door is to stop anyone walking by our event to decide to enter. While we welcome new people, allowing random passerbyers to enter our events can lead to people with no knowledge of BDSM, consent or proper dungeon etiquette entering our events. This can potentially cause discomfort, consent violations, and other problems for our event attendees.

Currently our smaller parties are held in a well populated area with a fair amount of foot traffic. With people coming and going from the event, socializing outside, etc. we can draw unwanted attention from those simply passing by. If they?re interested in learning more about us and our events we welcome that, but not at this event, the extra income is not worth endangering the safety or comfort of our attendees.

Rules concerning PLA member tickets are to protect our members? privacy.

My partner and I are both PLA members, I want to buy both our tickets, but my partners not here right now.
Sorry, but no. In order to give you your partner?s ticket at the PLA member price we would need to confirm that your partner is a PLA member. That would be a breach of their privacy and our confidentiality policy. We will sell you a full price ticket for your partner though.

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PB2 Donation [General]

Posted by Jadia on August 7, 2015

Posted by Jadia on August 7, 2015

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Board Opening [Community]

Posted by Secretary on July 13, 2015

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