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Online Payments Now Available!


We are pleased to announce that our online payment processing is up and running with our new provider.  Join or renew your PLA membership today!

Archivist Position


The PLA is currently seeking a person to serve as Archivist.  This is a paid position.

  • Report to and assist the Secretary.
  • Assist or take minutes for the PLA Board meetings
  • Take minutes for all committee meetings and report them to the board and secretary to be included in their minutes sent to the membership.
  • Digitize all historical PLA records from as far back as 1990 so they can be made available to membership
  • Assist in the proper distribution of PLA Board meeting minutes.
  • Keep minutes of all membership and Board of Directors meetings and preserve them as digital and paper records.
  • Maintain attendance records for meetings, individually for Board members and totals for membership and community members.
  • Responsible for storing and maintaining documentation of all meetings (written, audio, video, or other) in designated document storage in a structured and organized manner.
  • Log and document any reciprocal agreements with other organizations.
  • Log and record any special offers for PLA membership agreements with businesses.
  • Coordinate monthly with the bookkeeper to preserve any contracts or other relevant historical documentation.
  • Preserve monthly finance reports with the monthly minutes.
  • Review the Treasurer's Office and preserve any relevant documents or conversations in the PLA Archives.
  • Create and maintain succession documents for the position, including workflow, contacts, etc., for incoming and future Archivists.
  • To preserve the history of Oregon kink and the birth of PLA by editing and maintaining a Wikipedia article so that information ca
  • Interrn be shared and is safe for future generations.
Interested persons should contact the board at


Portland Leather Alliance
Mailing Address:
4110 S.E. Hawthorne #611
Portland, Oregon 97214-5246