The PLA is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization formed in 1998, whose mission is focused on the education and awareness of alternative lifestyles. PLA serves the greater Portland metro area and SW Washington.


PLA's mission is to serve our community through classes, workshops, social gatherings, discussion groups, and community outreach/support. With proceeds going to groups such as Bradley Angle House, Leather Archives & Museum, Our House, Esthers Pantry, Cascades Aids Project, Planned Parenthood, Sexual Minority Youth Roundtable XXX (SMYRC), and more. These also include partnership and coordination with aligned organizations including Center for Sex Positive Culture, Oregon Leather Pride, and others.

KinkFest Refunds

We realize the cancellation of KinkFest may have negatively impacted people financially. Attendees may have changed their schedules for the event or otherwise have faced a hardship due to the change of plans. If you registered for KinkFest and would like a refund, please email kinkfestrefund@portlandleather.org and in the email, include your real name and address, and a request for a refund.

Thank you,
KinkFest Team and the PLA Board.

Join Us

We host a variety of events each year ranging from Educational Workshops and Charity Fundraisers to Kinkfest! View our Code of Conduct and Party Rules.

Benefits of being a PLA member include:

  • Discounts to hands on and how to workshops.
  • Access to PLA members only Play Parties.
  • Discount on registration for Kinkfest.
  • Participation in the annual election of PLA Board Members.

Join the PLA!

Portland Leather Alliance is the largest membership based BDSM organization in the Portland Metro Area but can't put on the events and workshops it does without volunteers. Since PLA is a volunteer based organization it needs the help from our community to make these events happen from the simplest monthly workshop to Kinkfest.

You can now sign up to be a PLA Member Online using your debit/credit card. You will need to provide proof of your age at your first PLA event, so please remember to bring your photo ID with you. You can also update or renew your existing PLA Membership as well. You will need to know your password, which if you forgot you can reset from the same page. Check out the Join Page for more information.

Support the PLA


The PLA has an opening for the PLA Secretary position. All of the duties and Responsibilities are listed below. If you are interested in the position please email us your information (to Board2021@portlandleather.org and President@portlandleather.org) and, also please come to the August PLA meeting. The August meeting will be Tuesday Aug. 3rd at 6pm. The meeting will be posted in the "Events" page as to where the location will be. Look forward to hearing from you.

PLA Secretary

Accountability: Reports to Board of Directors

Scope of Responsibilities

The Secretary is an officer on the Board of Directors, responsible for overseeing the ongoing process of identifying its records, which have met the required retention period and overseeing their destruction.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Attend monthly Board meetings
  • Keep minutes of all membership and Board of Directors meetings and send minutes out to the board in 4 days. The Board has 72 hours to respond, then subsequent edits are done in 24 hours, with 24 hours for the Board to respond.
  • Provide all notices required by the Portland Leather Alliance for all meetings
  • Mail to all members the minutes of all board meetings and membership meetings in a timely manner after said meeting
  • Obtain, read, and deliver in a timely and responsible manner all correspondence mailed to the Board of Directors within 2 weeks after the Board meeting

Additional Notes

  • Special meetings of the Board of Directors can be held as determined by the Board President or a majority of the Board members.
  • No Officer/Board member may hold more than one position on the Board.
  • The Secretary shall be elected in even numbered years for a 2-year term.

We are also seeking a Director for KinkFest 2022. Please respond to the email addresses shown above.

Getting Involved

Portland Leather Alliance is the largest membership based BDSM organization in the Portland Metro Area but can't put on the events and workshops it does without it's dedicated volunteers. Since PLA is a volunteer based organization it needs the help of people from the community to help make all the events happen from the simplest monthly workshop, to the 3-day conference known as KinkFest.

Some ways to be involved:

  1. Provide Feedback! - PLA does everything it can put on the best events we can, but we can't make events better without feedback. We always welcome constructive feedback on events, processes, and of course ideas for new events. There are a few ways to give feedback to the PLA. A) Contact us directly though our website. B) Tell your local board members your thoughts so they can bring the ideas and feedback back to the rest of the board. C) Come to the board meetings and share your thoughts in person. This is the best way to get heard and have discussion about new ideas. PLA Board meetings are the first Tuesday of the month and open to everyone.

  2. Volunteer! - PLA needs help throughout the year from simple tasks like distributing flyers and promotional information to tasks like Dungeon Monitoring, and presenting at workshops. Anyone can volunteer to help PLA, and it is a great way to feel like a bigger part of the community, and meet new people. There is also something special about getting to stand back and look out at a group of Kinky friends all having fun and knowing that you were a part of making it happen.

  3. Take on an Official Role - besides all the board positions PLA has other roles that need full time volunteers through the year. These can be things such as volunteering on a committee, helping organize our storage, or distributing flyers. You don't need to be a board member to take a more active role in the organization, so if you have something you are skilled at and think that it could help PLA, feel free to contact us about it.

  4. Talk to others about PLA - If you like PLA events, tell others! PLA is committed to connecting to the local community. If you find people that don't know about PLA, or don't know how to contact PLA for get involved, share this information with them.

Upcoming Events

Subscribe to the PLA Calendar

It's easy to subscribe to the PLA calendar.

  • From Google Calendar, click on the + icon next to Other calendars
  • Choose Subscribe to calendar
  • Type in admin@portlandleather.org in the Add calendar box


Portland Leather Alliance
Mailing Address:
4110 S.E. Hawthorne #611
Portland, Oregon 97214-5246
Message Phone: 503-358-0927