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This Thing Of Ours.... [Community]

Master. Mistress. Slave. Dominant. Domme. Submissive. Pet. Just like the families of the Mafia, dynamic-infused poly families incorporate power exchange, protocol, and hierarchy to be successful. But how do they really work?
We invite you to 'sit in' for our special workshop during Oregon Leather Pride week, August 2 at the University Place Hotel.
Our panel is made up of Friction and his slave whiplashgirlchild, Master Trooper Frank and Master Paul and their slave steve, Master SunNoble and her family, Artextreme and his slave KinkyAbby, MissGemeni and her submissive candidate TOPMiSSiveOne, and MisPixieFyre and her house. The subject is an open discussion of M/s D/s and other dynamics in multi-partnered relationships.
This class is $5.00 for PLA members, and $10.00 for non PLA members. It's an offer you can't refuse. Interested in joining the PLA family? E-mail Don't forget to check out all the OLP events at

Posted by on July 30, 2015

Posted by Rich on July 22, 2015

Posted by Rich on July 17, 2015

Board Opening [Community]

Posted by Secretary on July 13, 2015

Posted by Jadia on July 8, 2015

Posted by Jadia on July 8, 2015

Posted by Jadia on July 8, 2015

Posted by Jadia on July 8, 2015

Posted by Jadia on July 8, 2015

PLA Workshops [Community]

Posted by Rich on July 7, 2015

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