Frequently Asked Questions

PLA Membership FAQ

Does attending KinkFest automatically give me a PLA Membership or renew my existing one?

No! You must sign-up, renew, and manage your PLA Membership separately on the PLA Website, or by mailing in a paper application along with a check.

Do people have to be a PLA Member to attend KinkFest?

No! But joining PLA will get you a discount to the event, and other PLA events throughout the year including workshops and 10% off at some online and local retailers. PLA Membership also will get you invited to exclusive PLA member's only events starting in February!

How do I know if I am a current PLA Member?

The easiest way to check to see if you are a PLA Member is to try and update your membership information using the PLA Membership Tool. If the system tells you that it cannot find your membership information, you either a not a current member, or you are using a different email address than you originally signed up.

How will I know if my membership is going to expire?

PLA will email you 2 months before your membership is going to expire, reminding you how to renew. We will email you again 1 week before, and then on the day of your expiration you will receive and email letting you know that it has expired.

What happens when my membership expires?

Once your membership expires, you will no longer be a current member, and you will not be eligible for any membership benefits. PLA will keep your past membership information on file for one year past its expiration date. You can renew anytime during that one-year period. After that time, your information will be removed and you will no longer be able to renew and you would need to get a new membership. (Note: in the future new PLA Memberships might cost significantly more than a renewal).

I let my membership lapse for six months, and then decided to renew. Will my membership expire one year from the original expiration date, or will it be one year from my renewal date?

PLA will always give you an additional year from either your existing expiration date, or the date of your renewal, which ever is longer. You are not required to cover "back dues" on your expired membership.

What is the difference between a "renewal" and a new membership?

A New Membership consists of entering all your information into the system, creation of a PLA Membership Card, and gets you a PLA Membership Pin. A renewal just extends your membership for another year and retains your original membership number, and start date. PLA Members that know their original start date are encourage to contact so that it can be added to the system. Members that reach 5, 10, and soon 15 years of membership will receive special recognition and perks!


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