KinkFest Registration

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Step 1: Registrant Information

Please note: The legal name entered below MUST match the name shown on the registrant's government-issued ID.
First Name:
Last Name:
Scene Name:
Email Address:
PLA Member ID (if applicable):
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KinkFest Code of Conduct

General Rules

  1. Must be over 18 for entry.
  2. Recording devices or accessories ARE NOT permitted inside KinkFest. This includes: cell phones, cameras, ear buds/headphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches or other devices that appear capable of recording images, video or audio. Equipment may be confiscated or destroyed at our discretion.
  3. Respect the privacy of others.
  4. Consent is the foundation of BDSM activities. You should receive informed, continuous, and enthusiastic consent between all players before and while engaging in play. Past consent does not indicate future consent. Negotiate in advance of playing and be prepared to not play if you're not compatible. You are not obligated to participate in any activity and you may leave a space/workshop at any time for any reason.
  5. You will see a wide variety of bodies, sexualities, and play at KinkFest. Do not shame others for these reasons. It's your responsibility to remove yourself if you don't enjoy seeing any particular play.
  6. There are many different types of people at KinkFest. Please be thoughtful when interacting with your fellow attendees and do not make assumptions around gender, roles, power dynamics or relationships. Treat all attendees equally; do not interact with others from an assumed power dynamic position.
  7. Prostitution, solicitation or negotiation for BDSM/kink services for payment or consideration is not allowed.
  8. Please be kind, supportive and respectful to fellow attendees.
  9. Follow all COVID safety guidelines, including wearing a mask and maintaining safe distances, as appropriate at the time of KinkFest.

Actions that can get you banned

  • Racism, sexism, bigotry, trolling or toxic behavior. This includes any content that promotes, encourages or facilitates discrimination, harassment or violence based on ethnicity, race, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, body size, religion or nationality.
  • Intimidation, harassment or threats of violence. This includes, but is not limited to: direct threats of harm (e.g. "I will..."), indirect threats of harm (e.g. "I hope you..."), stalking, unwelcome sexual attention, unsolicited nude image sharing, deadnaming, or misgendering.
  • Sharing of sensitive or confidential information. This includes names, addresses, account identifiers, account information, passwords, credit card numbers, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. This also includes the public posting of private conversations.
  • Prostitution, solicitation or negotiation for BDSM/kink services for payment or consideration.

Dungeon Rules

  1. Recording devices or accessories ARE NOT permitted inside the dungeon. This includes: cell phones, cameras, ear buds/headphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches or other devices that appear capable of recording images, video or audio. Equipment may be confiscated or destroyed at our discretion.
  2. Dungeon Monitors (DMs) will be on duty to enforce the dungeon rules, monitor risk-aware play, answer questions and help facilitate dungeon safety. Please be courteous to any DM that may interrupt or stop your play and follow their instructions. A DM can help facilitate scene logistics; when in doubt, ask! All decisions by the Head DM on duty are final. There is no appeal process.
  3. Do not intrude into a play space or scene/play unless specifically invited. Watching scenes from a respectful distance is allowed, but please keep conversation, laughter and comments to a minimum. Do not talk or ask questions to players until they are leaving the place space or if invited by the players. Masturbating to other people’s scene/play without their advance consent is not allowed.
  4. Please clean all equipment before and after use with disinfectant. Cleaning supplies are available at stations throughout the dungeon or you may bring your own.
  5. The house safewords are "Red" or "Safeword." A visual safeword is required for play involving gags.
  6. We recommend, but do not require, body fluid barriers and safer sex practices. We provide latex condoms, dental dams, and gloves at stations throughout the dungeon.
  7. KinkFest play stations are first-come, first-serve and do not have time limits. However, if someone is waiting for the play station, please do not start a new scene (even if one participant is new).
  8. No cooked/prepared food or drinks may be taken into the dungeon by attendees. Only packaged snacks and water in closed containers may be taken inside.
  9. We recommend bringing a sheet, blanket or towel to place between yourself and equipment as these are not supplied by KinkFest. However, covering dungeon equipment is not required.

Prohibited Items & Play

  • No guns of any kind (real, replica, toy, antique or fantasy/cosplay).
  • No fire play, fireworks or open flames of any kind.
  • No wax play of any kind (candle or hot plate).
  • No scat, vomit, or urine (water sports) play.
  • No chemical play that could affect other players (mace, aerosol spray, etc.).
  • No glitter, paint or other messy art supplies.

Blood sport play is only allowed in designated areas. Dispose of sharps, and only sharps, in the provided sharps’ containers. Dispose of other body fluid contaminated waste, such as gloves or gauze, in the biohazard trash cans. Do not leave the blood sport area while wearing needles, staples, hooks or any other skin-piercing item for any reason, including to use the bathroom (plan accordingly).

Please defer to the direction of the KinkFest Team for anything not covered in this document.

In case of disagreement, decisions by the KinkFest Director (or Head DM in the dungeon) are final. KinkFest and the PLA reserve the right to remove anyone for any reason without warning or refund.

Portland Leather Alliance


  1. I am freely and voluntarily choosing to attend and participate in this event and to view and/or participate in activities that I know are adult-oriented and sexually explicit. I am aware that such activities involve acts of domination, submission, bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism, power exchange between willing and consenting adults, masturbation, sex or sexual acts, and other explicit and/or extreme sexual fetishes including, but not limited to: spanking, paddling, whipping, piercing, knife or edge or blood play, humiliation, roleplay, suspension, fisting and other oral, vaginal and anal penetration. I understand that these activities involve certain risks and dangers, including the risk of serious injury or death. I voluntarily accept full responsibility for and agree to assume all risks involved.
  2. I understand that this event is a private event open only to those who have been approved by the Portland Leather Alliance (PLA). I further understand and agree that any goods or services I am acquiring from PLA are not necessarily services; they are for my own personal use only, and are used for leisure activities only. I agree to abide by and follow all the safety and use instructions.
  3. As consideration for my being permitted to participate in and/or attend this event, I agree to hold harmless and indemnify PLA, other participants, volunteers, presenters, and vendors from any and all claims, including claims based upon negligence, arising out of my participation, in and/or attendance at this event or any activities associated with this event. This agreement is also binding upon my family members, heirs, and executors.
  4. In the event of any litigation, dispute, or arbitration arising out of this agreement or my participation in and/or attendance at this event, I agree that the sole venue shall be litigation in Multnomah County, Oregon. Should any portion of this agreement be invalidated all remaining portions of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect.
  5. I understand that I will never solicit for prostitution nor consent to any form of payment for any acts done during a seminar, demonstration, meeting or gathering of any type sponsored by PLA and that I am aware that such solicitations and related activities are illegal under Oregon Prostitution and Solicitation Laws.
  6. I understand that as in general, attendance at any large gathering involves the risk of contact with contagious diseases such as, but not limited to, COVID-19, and I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the PLA and the Portland Expo Center from any such contact, and I assume all risks thereof. I further agree to abide by all COVID restrictions in place at KinkFest including the vaccination requirement and mask wearing as applicable.
  7. I, the undersigned, have carefully read this document and fully understand its contents. I hereby certify that I am over 18 years of age, the name on my registration is my true and legal name, and that my signature below is my true legal name.

I hereby agree to be bound by the terms of the above Code of Conduct.

I hereby agree to be bound by the terms of the above Voluntary Waiver and Release from Liability.

By checking this box, I agree to provide proof of receiving 1 (Johnson & Johnson) or 2 (Moderna and/or Pfizer-BioNTech) COVID-19 vaccine shots and 1 booster shot if eligible to receive a booster shot by April 1, 2022. I will provide proof of receiving these COVID-19 vaccination shots at KinkFest 2022 registration.

The COVID-19 booster shot requirement will be waived if you are still within the required waiting period after receiving a first/only Johnson & Johnson shot or second Moderna and/or Pfizer-BioNTech shot. Additionally, because anyone receiving monoclonal antibodies must wait 90 days before receiving a booster, people who received 1 Johnson & Johnson shot or 2 Moderna and/or Pfizer-BioNTech shots are considered fully vaccinated if they received monoclonal antibodies AFTER January 1, 2022.

Attendees who arrive at KinkFest 2022 without proof of vaccination, including a booster shot if eligible, will be refused entry and their registration fee will not be refunded. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination should be a government or medical provider issued vaccine card. A clear photograph of the vaccination card or a digital vaccine record will also be accepted.

Legal Name