Gallery Sesso's First Thursday Erotic Tastings: ForePlay
Other Community Event
June 4, 2015
Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location: Club Sesso 824 SW 1st Ave Portland OR
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Christopher B Mooney is a well-known painter of urban landscapes who is using erotic art as a way to break old habits and explore his own inner self. He plays with light and poses and careful, expressive brushstrokes to play with and explore the erotic.

Jamie Candy Barela was inspired by her father, an artist himself, before life and raising a daughter with mental illness forced her to focus elsewhere. She is now using erotic art to explore her own needs, wants, desires and fears through exploring the erotic nature of relationships and the human form.

Fancy was born in Uzbekistan, a country filled with sunlight and bright colors. His paintings explores the sensuality and beauty of women as he plays with lace and silk and pearls and flowers - the things he finds women use in seduction.

Shane Gardner is a photographer who found his own catharsis through photographing nudes which allows him to help his models explore their own emotional release through being in front of his lens.

Come join us in what is going to be a stimulating show of exploration.

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