The Portland Leather Alliance 2020-2021 Board of Directors

Rich, President


My name is Rich. This is my 8th year in service to the PLA. This will also be my last term in leadership. My next two years on the board will be focused on finishing some projects and mentoring the leadership of the future. As for community, there are a lot of challenges with Covid 19. We continue to work through those, especially with KinkFest, and continue to look for ways to serve our community in these times. I am also looking forward to helping in the Eugene and Salem communities as well, having partners in those sister communities to the South. Feel free to contact me about anything -  I am here to serve.

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Bryon, Vice President


I'm Bryon but most people call me Beast.

I came into the kink community in Las Vegas in 2014. While in Las Vegas I co-hosted the Las Vegas Play Partners Club which was a weekly munch geared to finding play partners and sharing our experiences. Las Vegas was also my introduction to the leather community through LUC of Las Vegas, Vegas GOL and Vegas Boys of Leather. I moved up to Oregon 2016 and threw myself pretty heavily in to the local kink community. I started and host the Portland Rope Social, I am one of the hosts of Rose City Leaf and Leather as well as co-host the Pink Feather Munch.

While living in Portland I realized how much I missed my leather family. I started attending PLA and Blackout Leather events and began doing volunteer work with both of them. I joined the PLA board in 2019 as a Member at Large and became the PLA Vice President in the 2019/2020 election. As the PLA Vice President my goal is to create a space the greater Portland leather community, and in turn the local kink community, can call home. I plan to do this through community outreach and education.

In Leather,

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Roilie, Secretary

She/her, cisgender, switch

I started working with the PLA in December 2015 as a volunteer with the documentation team.  As of April 2016, I was elected to the Board as a Member-at-Large and have participated in the planning and carrying out of events.  As of November 2017, I was elected Secretary after the former Secretary stepped down.  I have also been on the KinkFest Committee from 2017-2020.

I would like to continue in assisting the PLA in creating a greater sense of community and connection between itself and community groups.  I would also like to assist in creating more diversity in the offerings at events as I have strived to do over the past few years as Vendor Director at both BABS and KinkFest.

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Beverly, Treasurer

I am in mid term of what is actually my first full term. I would love to have someone express an interest in shadowing the treasurer with an eye on running for the position. This would give a candidate time to learn what the job entails and the time commitment during certain times of the year. Please let me if you would like more information.

I love the idea that our definition of community has changed slightly. We have to work a little harder to maintain connections and new ways to learn, mentor, and meet. I hope that we can continue to work out new ways to interact in the reality of 2021...more webinars...more munches in group chats...more directing out attention to the small businesses that have sustained our desire for more stingingy, more thuddy, wood and steel bone, satin and leather - it's all still there, we just need to look for it. This is the time we get to prove that those connections matter too.

Best wishes to each of you as you find creative and safe ways to practice your kink.

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Ash, Member at Large


i am ash (Ash_Pig on Fet). i have been in the kink community in Portland for about 3 years. i have been helping to host the Rose City Cigar Social, the Portland Rope Social and now the Pink Feather Munch. i am excited to start my second year on the PLA board as a Member at Large. in kink, as in every aspect of my life, i strive to be a positive and empathetic member of the community. my goal is to make each person's day/life a little better than it was before we interacted. i translate that into my service to the community through my work on the board. i aim to build stronger connections with other kink and leather organizations. i hope to help make the PLA feel as welcoming as possible to folks of all identities.

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Jeffery, Member at Large


Hello I'm Jeff, most know me as CplK.

The PLA was how I first entered the scene. I used to attend parties at The Velvet Rope (a swinger/social club) and used to volunteer there as well. While there, I was told about the Black and Blue Party, which was put on by the PLA. I attended that and began volunteering with the PLA as well. It was because of the PLA that I discovered the kink world and everything that it had to offer.

Since those humble beginnings I have become avidly involved. In the PLA, I have been the Assistant Dungeon Master since 2019, Truck Tetris Master since about 2017 (it's my job to make sure all necessary PLA equipment fits securely and safely onto the truck before and after parties) and have been active on Dungeon Crew for much longer. I also host the Northwest Cigar Social and help run education on cigar play and etiquette.

It doesn't matter where you come from or who you are, everyone should feel welcome and safe in our community. Therefore my goal as a PLA Board Member-At-Large is to increase communication and cooperation within the community in order to provide opportunities for exploration, discovery, and acceptance for all.

Love & Leather,

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Lawren, Member at Large


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Mark F, Member at Large


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Mark P, Member at Large

I've been involved in kink for my entire adult life, and heavily involved in the Portland area kink scene since moving to the area in 2013. This is my first time serving on the PLA board and I'm excited to be of service. My goals for being on the board are to promote connections with other kink and Leather organizations in the area and region, to help continue the mission of providing educational opportunities in the current remote environment, and to help the efforts to make the PLA welcoming to more diverse folks. My vision is to see the PLA support a strong, welcoming leather community.

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Theron T, Member at Large

the-Redeemer is a Sadistic Dom who integrates psychological and verbal control into sadism, igniting desire with menacing intent. Redeemer's impact scenes feature his unique style of working vertically in 360 degree domination delivering sadistic sensations and submission via seduction.

He believes communities are living, breathing organisms that expand through social connection. By acting as a "social lubricator", Redeemer works on the micro level to help people feel welcome and comfortable by making one-to-one introductions. On the macro level, he seeks to create bridges between local Sex Positive and Kink communities. With -Elsewise-, Redeemer co-founded the kink education forum Sunday School formerly located at The Liquor Store. Redeemer and -Elsewise- also created/co-host Cirque de Sade, Oregon's only edge play party.

His teaching portfolio includes pragmatic strategies/techniques for influencing behavior, and experiential workshops ranging from Consent, Negotiation, and Impact Tools/Techniques. Redeemer's Toys are custom crafted from up-cycled/recycled materials, then transformed into impact tools made from everyday items.

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Yeti, Member at Large


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