2015 PLA Charity Auction


001 1B 19G Needles & Sharp Box from Boss Bondage

002 Gift Certificate for Extended Reading from Portland Fortune Tellers

003 Rubber Tawse from The Frugal Domme

004 Torc Collar from Fae Built Inc

005 Adjustable Apron (Naked Women Print) from Skirtin' Around

006 Tom's Tickler (2" Thick Braided Rope w/ Handle) from The Frugal Domme

007 Chinese Fighting Fan from Dungeon Bags

008 Fantasy Machete in Black Case from Occams Edge

009 Black Leather Hogtie Clips from Tandem Gear

010 Macacauba Popp Paddle (9" x 2 1/2" Wood Paddle) from Compass Rose Creations

011 Leaf-shaped Dark Oak Paddle from Roscoe Toys

012 Clear Acylic Unbreakable Paddle from PaddleDaddy

013 Small Black Dragon's Tongue from PantherProwls

014 White and Brown Rope from Renaissance Rope

015 Leather SLUT Paddle and OTS bag from Orchid And Serpent Stores

016 Purple and Black leather Flogger from Red Cheeks Toys

017 Thuddy Buddy from ConZept DeZigns

018 Double Delux Beginner's Elec Play Kit from Current Pleasures

019 Metal Handled Rope Fist from Industrial Dis-Ease Toys

020 Black & Red Spring Paddle from Twisted Toys

021 Rubber Tire Tread Slapper from HammerFell Armoury

022 Black Leather Sjambok from Motivational Tools

023 Rosebud Sounds from Kinky Medical

024 1 Hour Acupuncture Session from Rose City Acupuncture

025 2' Red-Tinted Wood Paddle from Torrid Timber

026 Red and Black Cowhide Flogger from WIAN Studios
[Not Pictured]
027 2 $50 Gift Certificates from Steel Bones

028 Rose-Shaped Chain Paddle from Badass Metal Toys

029 Horsecock (Black Leather Horse Cock) from Asylum Leathers

030 Brown Deer Flogger from Bunny Flogger
[Not Pictured]
031 Torrid Timber Logo Sticker from Torrid Timber

032 Tied Up Teddy "Sam" from The Frugal Domme

033 Colonial Pillory & Stock Mug from Colonial Pillory & Stock

034 Expandable Green Canvas Bag from Torrid Timber

035 Men's XL T-Shirt from Torrid Timber

036 Red Dog Bone Gag from InHerTube

037 Black Leather Sleep Mask from Kahn's Kustom Leather

038 Hand-made Teal Butt Plug from Ro's Peddles

039 Leather Bound Flask from Bold Stickers

040 Brown Jute Rope from Boss Bondage

041 Earings from Eve's Garden Of Good and Evil

042 JoyBoxx from Passionate Playground

043 Leather Bondage Mitts from The Frugal Domme

044 Jennings Mouth Gag Metal Mouth Gag from Dr. Clockwork's

045 Over The Door HandCuffs from Pure Romance by Desi

046 Large Picture Of Woman from Ruind Road

047 Leather-scented Body Products Asst from Leather Tyke

048 Black Leather Deprivation Hood from RACK Leather

049 Bustle (Gray Sheer and Lace) from Corset.net

050 Corsett (Purple and Black) from Miss Haley Bombshell Boutique
[Not Pictured]
051 Make Your Own Leather Cuff Kit from Tandy Leather


Portland Leather Alliance
Mailing Address:
4110 S.E. Hawthorne #611
Portland, Oregon 97214-5246
Message Phone: 503-358-0927